Alatas Singapore Workshop is highly qualified and has a long history in comprehensive gearbox repair (including brakes) and winch refurbishment on all makes and models, with the likes of BRADEN, BONFIGLIOLI, ESKRIDGE, BREVINI, TECHNODRIVE, STIEBEL, SIEBENHAAR and in particular ZOLLERN for which we are the authorized service station. We also have a quick and efficient turnaround in order to minimize downtime and with excessively long lead times from manufacturers for new gearboxes, it makes good commercial and financial sense to refurbish and repair.

Replacement parts required for the repair are sourced directly from the Maker (OEM). Where delivery time is an issue or components obsolete we can offer Alatas specified and proven alternatives.

All repairs, upon completion, are function tested without load to confirm the integrity of the repair. We soon will be able to offer full range dynamic winch testing on our very own Alatas designed winch test facility. Please watch out for the announcement in the NEWS folder. 

We offer comprehensive repair and refurbishment service for:

  • All Gearbox types (Speed Reducers)
    • Planetary Gearboxes (e.g. on Slewing Gearbox, Hoisting Gearbox, etc.)
    • Transmission gearboxes (e.g. Splitter Gearbox, etc.)
    • Bevel Gearboxes
    • Worm Gearboxes
  • All Winch types, unlimited capacity:
    • Crane Hoist winches
    • Man Riding Winch
    • Winch with Constant Tension facility
    • Mooring Winch
    • Tugger Winch
    • Utility Winch
    • Anchor Winch
    • Turret Winch
  • All brake types:
    • Lamella Disc Brake
    • Band Brake
  • All our repairs / refurbishment come with full documentation and with warranty provided

Please visit our NEWS page for the latest service / repair works carried out.